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Yahoo CEO Late For Dinner After Sleeping Late In France

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Marketwatch reports that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently overslept, resulting in her being two hours late for a dinner at an advertising conference in Cannes, France. Which would still be early to enjoy Moulin Rouge in France, if you ask us!

3 More Things That May Put Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer To Sleep

1. Reading the comments in the Yahoo news section of any Kardashian story. We get it: some of you don’t like Kardashian news coverage – so why are you reading “Yahoo Celebrity” in the first place? Is there any celebrity who could get in trouble with the law egging a house that would satisfy your daily news requirements? (Answer: yes, if that celebrity is Gordon Ramsay, because we’re sure he would turn that house into an excellent giant omelet Bed and Breakfast after egging it.)

2. Reading the comments in the Yahoo Finance message board section for Yahoo (YHOO) stock. Oh look, a bunch of people are telling Marissa to resign, because random people on the internet obviously know more about the internet than Google employee #20. ∫ Perhaps before you insult Google Employee #20, you may want to reevaluate the comments you were making on AltaVista message boards when she was hired when Google was created and see how accurate your predictions were.

3. Watching any SNL sketch featuring Will Ferrell or Jimmy Fallon on Yahoo Screen, which has the rights to show old SNL sketches. Will Ferrell, we have no idea how you transformed from that cheerleader guy on SNL to post-SNL movie comedic genius, but congratulations! Jimmy Fallon, we’re still waiting, but perhaps more jokes and less laughing at your own jokes may help.


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