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By Bameskaur Pabla @bameslive
Xylophone Let me be honest. I have been wracking my brains about what "X" thing to post about for the A to Z Challenge. In desperation, I had even begged all my Facebook friends to make suggestions. I was so worried that I even started to dream about "X" words! (no kidding)


xylophone (Photo credit: Cheryl Harvey)

Then, last night, I dreamt of the alphabet cards I had when I was in nursery school. They were thick cards each having a letter of the alphabet, a word that started with the letter of the alphabet, and a very colorful illustration of the particular word. For the letter X, the word was xylophone. And, come to think of it, I had a toy xylophone! There it is! My "X" word... Xylophone! Oh what a relief... :)

I had this small, teeny toy xylophone that had 8 colorful metal plates which I could play using two skinny wooden sticks. It was about a foot high (it had thick wires to make it stand) and I used to treat it like it was the most wonderful piece of art. 

I was never really good at playing musical instruments but I had learned some simple things on the piano which I managed to translate onto my toy xylophone. Suffice it to say that it drove everyone in the house crazy hearing me play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" day in and day out. But... I have to admit that I could play it pretty well! 

After a few months, I managed to learn to play the first few notes of "Yesterday" but, sadly, my talents never went beyond that. 

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