Xlash Reviews – Does Xlash Really Work?

Posted on the 27 September 2013 by Rubyjacksonn

Eyelashes enrich or degrade the look of your eyes. Most women are conscious to have longer, thicker lashes that would make their eyes look elegant. Some of you might have tried using fake eyelashes. Although it makes your eyes to look gorgeous; but the method of its application as well as removal are tedious.

Nowadays, there are many natural eyelash enhancers which work to stimulate the growth of your lashes. Xlash is one such eyelash enhancer which gives you longer and beautiful lashes.

Let us now discuss some features of this product.

Overviews on Xlash eyelash enhancer:

Xlash is an eyelash enhancer that gives you fuller and lusher eyelashes. This product has been manufactured by Sweden and it is popular all around Europe. It is now available in the US.


This solution is a serum that can be applied on the lashes to make it thicker, longer and beautiful. This serum regulates the lash growth with help of proven formulation. This is also effective to increase the length of your lashes up to 40%.

This serum works in the anagen growth phase of the lash growth cycle. It helps to lengthen the lashes and also increase its thickness.

Active ingredients:

Some of active ingredients in this product include the following:

  • Nigella Sativa Extract
  • Fructus Chebulae Extract
  • Folium Isatidis Extract
  • Cacumen Platycladi Extract
  • Coral Extract
  • Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata Extract

How to use it?

You should remove your contact lenses, makeup and wash your face and hands before using it. Apply the serum at night before going to bed. This will work while you sleep. Use a thin line of Xlash evenly to the root of the upper eyelashes. Hold the applicator in horizontal position below the nozzle of bottle; squeeze a drop and apply it similar to using liquid eyeliner. Using a single stroke of serum with brush is enough to enhance the lash growth. Use a tissue to remove the excess solution that runs below your eyes.

You can use this product along with mascara or eyeliner.


  • It encourages the growth of your lashes up to 30-40% within three to four weeks
  • It contains dermatologically tested formulation; so it is safe to use
  • It helps to repair the damages caused due to chemotherapy
  • Considering the cost-effectiveness, it is safe to use
  • Free shipping in the USA and rest of the world
  • They offer a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results after using this product.

Are there any risks involved in using Xlash?

There is warning that some of might experience slight irritation using this product. Ensure to use it accurately; the accidental contact with your eyes can irritate your eyes. Rinse your eyes and discontinue its usage if the irritation persists.

Avoid using this product on your lower lashes as this could cause a burning sensation. This can make your eyes dry and also redness in eyelids which is irreversible.

What are the Customer reviews on this product?

This product worked well for Steffi and she noticed the result within three weeks of usage. Another woman named Julie was happy with fast shipping facility. There no negative reviews yet for this product. It contains bimatoprost which gives you fuller eyelashes; discontinuing this product will reverse the positive effects.

Considering the features of this product; xlash seems a better option to enrich the length and beauty of your eyelashes. You need to use this product with prescription from a doctor. It is suggested to choose the eyelash enhancers which have minimized risk to affect the regions of eyes. Read the xlash reviews to know how it works to give you fuller eyelashes.

Xlash Reviews – Does Xlash Really Work?

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