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Writer? Vortex Comics is Hiring

Posted on the 09 January 2017 by Kaboom @kaboomng
We've met a lot of short story, novel and article writers... even screenwriters but not many a people look us in the face to tell use they write for comics.
Writer? Vortex Comics is hiring
Sam: If you write stories then you're a few steps away from writing for comics. It's not impossible. We will share a comicbook script with you at the end of this post - So, don't leave yet -
So, this past Wednesday the Creative Director of Vortex Comics, Somto Ajuluchukwu posted a job vacancy.
Sam: The type without a CV. I hate CVs
Errrr.... Okay. Anyways....
If you think you have all it takes to put the National theater in the Sambisa Forest for some crazy reason or worse then you should check this out...
Sam: If you're wondering what a Comicbook script looks like then head on to our previous post and checkout the Script for Orisha Pikin.... Be Awemose!

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