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Worship Group

By Mike Bullock


Steven, Peter and Michael, were in the Worship Group      And every Sunday morning, off to church they’d troop      Singing songs with gusto, praises to The Lord            A choir of hairless angels hid something untoward.

The sun, it shone so brightly, upon their balding domes      The dazzling rays diverted into the vicars zone            Played havoc with the OHP, the screen you couldn’t see      The congregation had to sing some Mission Praisery.

The PCC were so alarmed, they voted, for a change           To find a quick solution to the problems of this mange      Wigs were deemed expensive, a faculty they’d need         So talcum powder was proposed, to dull the shiny three.

So now upon a Sunday, the OHP is clear         And all the people at the back, no longer have to peer         The follicly challenged trio, forgiven of their sin         Are dusted down with loads of talc and everybody wins.

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