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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Enhance Your Customer Experience

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Enhance your Customer Experience

Posted 1 August 2014 12:00 AM by Customer Service

We all know of companies that seem to have everything under control. These companies all have amazing customer support, a superior product or service, and seem to be the clear category leader. So, how does your small business get there?

While your business' product or service may be set in stone, there are several ways you can help to improve the customer experience for your client base. If your customer experience is superior to your competitors, this may help you stand out from the crowd and become a leader in your area or industry.

At Fleetmatics, we like to embrace the saying "work smarter, not harder." Some of the tips may involve extra work in the beginning, but it is all based on the notion that working harder can mean wasting time, talent, or energy. Instead, take a step back, evaluate your business goals and aim to work smarter. Use these tips to improve customer service within your business and work smarter.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Enhance your Customer Experience

Identify ways to help your customers grow

When you get to know your customers, you get to know the industries that they operate in. Stay informed of trends and recent news that you think may impact your customers. When having an interaction with a customer, knowing what can be affecting their business at the time can give you the edge you need to make a lifetime impression. The experience becomes a memorable one when you can add value to the customer relationship, beyond offering your own product or service.

Use feedback to shape customer communication

Poll customers to make sure you are reaching them the best ways. Some customers may want to be contacted via phone, email, or text messages. When having an interaction with a customer, ask what the best time and day to reach them is and make note. Little things like this go a long way to create a lasting customer base. You will also improve the conversation between customers if you catch them at the right time. No one likes playing phone tag, so skip the voicemails and take note instead!

Make transactions as simple and painless as possible

This may take a bit more organization and planning on your end. Find out a way to make it easy for your customer to pay and receive your product or service. Confusing invoicing can lead to headaches and disgruntled customers. Create a delivery plan for your product or service-and stick to it! Make the transaction as easy as possible and customers will be willing to work with you again.

Consistently train and retrain customer-facing employees

Make sure that you have equipped your customer-facing team with the best tools and resources to ensure a positive customer experience every time. Employees should be trained to help remedy any customer issue that may arise. If there is a program or tool that can help your team keep track of customer information, consider investing in this. It can help your team be more organized when a customer calls.

How does your business actively try to improve the customer experience?

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