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Words of Wisdom and Confidence

By Meowitserin
So, it has come to my attention that I am turning 22 next month, and I don't know about you, but I'm not quite feeling 22... 
But this raises the question; what exactly am I feeling? And I think that the answer to this is confident. Maybe not in terms of where I'm going in my life, or what exactly I plan to do once I graduate (the mere mention of the 'G-Word' sends a shiver of fear down my spine!). So, if I don't feel confident in the specifics of my future, other than the fact that I am going to own at least another four cats, then what exactly do I feel confident in? Well, the answer to that my dear reader, is Myself. 
I feel blooming confident to wear whatever the heck I want, not exactly without fear of people thinking I'm weird, but simply not caring what they think-even if some of these outfits I look back on a week later with a hint of regret, I'm looking at you gold pleated midi skirt... Instead, I choose to embrace being weird and a creative freak. I am confident enough to speak my mind and tell the world that I, Erin, am a Crazy Cat Lady! 

Let's be honest though guys, I really wasn't born with this confidence. It's taken me nearly 22 years to get to this point, and I wish that someone would have had a good chat over coffee and cake (vegan of course) to tell me some of the things that I know now. So, I have decided to do this to myself, right here, right now, with a mug of coffee in one hand and a pen in the other-cake has to wait, or I will spend my time munching that rather than doing any work, don't judge me, you know you would too!Speaking Words of Wisdom...

Words of Wisdom and Confidence

THE unwanted haircut

Now, I cannot stress how important this is Erin, but please, please, please do not cut your waist length hair off into that blooming bob! Because despite what everyone told you, and promised you, it did not quite look 'cute', and nor did it suit you. You will hate every minute of having hair that short, because, let's be honest, you never wanted it in the first place! 

You broke the golden rule and changed yourself to make someone else happy, and in the process, you didn't stay true to you. Because when you finally learn to be true to yourself, you will experience true happiness. Believe me girl, you will find this out, just wait a bit longer.

*sips coffee* Leading on from that, definitely don't allow someone else to tell you what you can't wear or allow them to make you feel bad about it either! Especially when it is your absolute favorite vintage floral dress, which you got for an absolute bargain in the sale, (£10 just saying guys). Please don't stop wearing it, just because someone said that you looked like a granny, because you know, that Alexa Chung, Queen of Granny Chic, would so have approved of such a cute flowery print dress! The moral of the story is basically, don't allow other people to define who you are as a person, or dictate to you who the heck you can be! Because all that that will result in, is you being boring, and just not you. *eyes up cake*

Words of Wisdom and Confidence

Selfie game was strong

The last thing that you need to know is listen to yo Momma! She really does know best girl and will be there through thick and thin. Your Mum is the one who will always have your back, whilst at the same time will keep you on the straight and narrow. She will be your best friend who will spend hours listening to you go on your rants (often about the unnecessary addition of milk powder in everything...) and go out of her way to understand the importance of cruelty free living. 

Words of Wisdom and Confidence

Those that selfie together, stay together

But she will be the one to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be. Pushing you towards greatness and never letting you give up on your dreams! I assure you, Momma really does know best. Trust me!

Final Thoughts
I know that these may seem a little silly Erin, but they all apply to different aspects of life! Take that leap of faith. Throw caution to the window. Fly in the face of adversity and every other inspiring cliche you can think of, because you will find people who will love you for you (doubt all you want girl, but I'm you in several years time). There are probably a million more things that I could tell you, but I think that I would need another ten coffees, and part of the fun in lfe is making these mistakes! Because how else will you learn that bleaching your hair blonde isn't a great idea?! (spoiler alert). So I shall sign off here, leaving you to think about these things, whilst I go and munch my cake for review research of course...
...Let it Be

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