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"Words Escape Me"

By Trebeca04

"Words Escape Me"
I love to make assemblage works.  If you follow my work, you know that I often incorporate collage in to my work. I rarely use paint, because I have found that paper creates texture and depth, in a way that paint cannot.
On long road trips, I will bring along a couple of grocery bag fulls of old magazines, and use the hours in the car as a passenger to comb through the magazines and cut out images and words that catch my eye. I save these in folders marked "birds", 'faces", 'religion', and 'words' among many others.
Eventually, many of these images and words will be used in my work.  This piece came together as a result of a bulging "words" folder in my studio. 
I love words. I love the different fonts and fanciful styles of words. I am thrilled when a few words can tell a complete story.(i.e., "The Little Brown Saint" or "Because The Sky is Always Falling"). 
This piece represents words in in our heads.  What we think . . . What we say . . . What we wish . . . What we understand . . .
To use  these words in a 3-D collage, demonstrates the beauty and versatility of collage as a medium. Collage can bring together my found disparate words, and by arranging the papers in no particular order, will create a whole new conversation.  The process of collage is meditative and personal for me. Now I can touch the words and think about them, and have them near.  In a larger sense I am able to bring order to my love of words.
A foam head form covered in layers of words and tissue, a Japanese text book about the Jewish religion, sit atop a wooden revolving spice rack base, also covered in Japanese text. A vintage thermometer in the eye finishes the piece.

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