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WordPress Seems To Be Liberal With Its Use Of The “Uncategorized” Category!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

We recently wrote a WordPress entry where we didn’t take the time to uncheck the “uncategorized” box because we thought in this high-tech era that would be unnecessary and redundant given we checked the boxes for the categories “politics” and “humor” and also tagged nine more categories.

Guess we were wrong, as the WordPress machine still put the entry in the uncategorized category, which you can see from the screen shot below!

Final exam question: what category does the above entry fall in?

Final exam question: what category does the above entry fall in?

3 Questions Arising From This Incident

1. How can the entry be both “uncategorized” and about “politics?” Is this some sort of artificially intelligent computerized social commentary on the state of gridlock in Washington, D.C.? And if it is, we remind all artificially intelligent computers and mathematical algorithms: you don’t have a right to vote!

2. Does the fact that we just mocked computers lack of a right to vote mean that they are going to rise up and show us who is boss? If so, we look forward to President Siri, because she (or “he” in Britain) always gives an appropriate answer to “Who let the dogs out?”

Who Let The Dogs Out

Will somebody please solve this mystery, so drunk 50-something-year-olds stop randomly yelling this when no music is on in bars in the year 2013?!

3. How can something that is “uncategorized” fall into the catergory of “categories?” We’ll let the philosophy majors debate that one for the rest of eternity!

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