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Wordless Wednesday: Mommy's Mind is in the Gutter

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
I love Pinterest. We've done a lot of crafts I've found on there. One was homemade playdoh. It's so fun and easy! And the kids play with it for hours leaving me toooooooo clean for hours. At least peacefully! Anywho, while I was resting, my children were making  "croissants" with their playdoh (lil foodies). So they start showing me their masterpieces. All of the sudden I hear my daughter shriek, "Mommy Mommy, look what I made!!!"
Mommy Look At What I Maaaaaaaade!
It's supposed to be a tower. What did you think it was? Don't lie :) 
 How can I not document this. I love being a mom.
 Have a great day all!!!

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