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Women to Wear Beards at Augusta

By Golfrefugees
What should women do at ‘The Masters’?

With no women members allowed for the past 80 years at Augusta National Golf Club. This year they have a gender dilemma at board room level. Usually the CEO’s of their main sponsors; Exxom Mobile Corp, AT&T Inc and IBM are all invited to join.

Certainly the previous four CEO’s of IBM have all become members; however will Ginni Rometty be given the same 
honor this year?
Solution; women at Augusta should wear beards and shout 'no women here'.
Just like the scene from Monty Python's 'Life of Brian';
Mother - Ah, how I hate wearing beards.
Brian - Why aren't women allowed to go to stonings, mum?
Mother - It's written, that's why.
Beard and stone seller - Psst! Beard, madam?
It sounds absurd. But so does golf in the 21 st Century allowing a major championship to be held at a club who prevent women becoming members.


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