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Polyester Apparel is a Plastic Pollutant

By Golfrefugees
POLYESTER APPAREL IS A PLASTIC POLLUTANT Polyester apparel is a single wash plastic pollutant, even when it is recycled polyester.
Although our synthetic clothes cannot be described as 'single use plastics'. They do shed thousands of microplastics from a single wash. We must therefore include our synthetic clothes in discussions regarding plastic pollution. Polyester is the dominant fiber in the fashion industry, with a 60% market share and forecast to increase over the next decade. Sportswear requires frequent washing and made solely from plastic fibres. As an interim measure we are trying persuade governing bodies of sport, sportswear brands sponsored clubs and individual star athletes to use a filter when washing their plastic kit. This measure will help reduce the number of microplastics washed into the ocean from laundering our synthetic clothes. Golf Refugees are also hoping to work with the UK Fashion & Textile organisation to develop a new washing care symbol for a 'filter wash' to be included on synthetic clothing label

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