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Plastic Air

By Golfrefugees

Around 16% of the plastic produced annually in the world consists of textile fibres. Synthetic clothing is responsible for endless amounts of microfibres which can even be found in drinking water.
An earlier French study showed that plastic microfibres are not just in outdoor air, they are also present inside buildings and in particular in dust on the floor. An analysis of fibres in the air shows that 29% is plastic. Research has already shown that people breathe in microfibres. Indoors it is babies that crawl on the floor, who breathe in the most fibres.
The findings in the article conclude:
the concentration of plastic fibres in the air indoors is substantially higher than in the air outdoors, indoor fibres are also longer;
plastic particles are found in lung tissue. This indicates that the body is not able to rid itself of all particles;
when particles remain in the lungs, they remain there for a long time because they are bio-persistent;
workers who handle plastic textile fibres are known to suffer from many types of lung disease, from coughing to limited lung capacity;
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