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Woman Sues After Suffering Brutal Attack

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie
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I had my topic planned out and was ready to start typing when something crossed my path and totally grabbed attention. I once had a profile on and a few months ago, I posted a blog Use Common Sense When Dating Online about another incident that involved a woman who met someone on the same website. After reading this article, I pose 1 simple question? Should dating websites be held liable if you suffer bodily harm after meeting someone on their website? Online dating certainly doesn’t sound as appealing as it use to be. is being sued after a woman suffered a brutal attack from a man she met on their website.

A Las Vegas woman is suing for 10 million dollars after a meeting a psycho on they’re website. In 2011, she met a man on and after a few dates she broke things off with him. Unfortunately, he didn’t take rejection to well and waited for her on her doorstep. When she returned home he stabbed her in the face several times, bashed her head in with a rock, and if that wasn’t bad enough he then decided to stomp on her face a few times with his feet. He then met another woman in Arizona and actually killed her. When he was arrested he told detectives, that he was surprised to hear that she survived the attack. The attacker had no prior criminal record. One definitely flew over the cuckoo’s nest in this case. issued a statement saying that what happened was tragic but the lawsuit was absurd. The lawsuit states that Match commercials give people a false sense of security by showing people happily in love enjoying each other at a restaurant. They also state in the lawsuit that Match uses the tagline 1 in 5 get married on every commercial.

In my opinion, should not be held liable for some psycho being on their website. Why? Because I can meet someone the good ole fashion way and the same thing can happen to me. There is absolutely no way to screen someone on or offline to judge their mental health. People hide crazy well! You generally don’t know you got a fool on your hands until after you spent some good quality time with that person. When you meet someone online; you do so at your own risk. Just because a commercial shows people happy in love doesn’t mean you can hop your happy ass online and be in love a month later. Commercials are designed to entice you into using whatever service they’re offering. I am fully aware that the commercials do state that 1 in 5 get married but I’m also smart enough to know that I may be 1 of the unlucky 4 that don’t find a damn thing. Also, if memory serves me right, I remember when I had a profile on Match, there is indeed a page dedicated to online dating safety tips. I think the biggest misconception here is that people believe that paying $30.00 a month entitles them to a better grade of person. When in fact, the only thing it guarantees you is that the person you meet can afford $30.00 a month. They make no guarantees that you will be happy, blissful, and planning a wedding. They also make no guarantees that the people using their website won’t slash your ass up after dating for awhile. I sympathize with this lady, but unfortunately it is not the websites fault that she hooked up with Charles Manson’s little brother. I can honestly say that my days of online dating are over, but that is just my own personal preference. I am sure there are plenty of sane people on these websites looking for love. This lady just met the wrong man.

Whatever you do be safe!

Do you think should pay up?

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