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Wolverhampton WV1

By Joseph Harrison @JTAH_1990

Wolverhampton is rising, its had some tough blows but this West Midlands city is fighting back day by day. Negativity is a no for Desperately Seeking Adventure, ain't nobody got time for that! I visited Wolverhampton's city center to see how two independent businesses are working it for WV1. Keep posted for the third business because Wolves is definitely the comeback city. Big up WV1!

Wolverhampton WV1Feeling hungry? Wolverhampton's newest eatery has something special to bring to turnaround this city. The Hungry Bistro has been serving up something different to Wolverhampton since December 2013. Part of the high street initiative piloted by Mary Portas this Wolves bistro is 'hungry' to attract a new crowd in the city. Located on Lichfield Street, this new wave bistro has a key location connecting its quirky and wholesome menu with Wolverhampton's bus and train stations. Contrary to report Wolverhampton is England's busiest connector point for rail transport, why not take advantage of Wolves's Hungry Bistro during that time of transition? Haters are going to hate but my philosophy is to empower the people and places that serve up something special! It's no secret that Wolverhampton has lacked in premium venues, so experiencing the services at the Hungry Bistro proved to be very positive! I had to pinch myself to realize that I was still in Wolverhampton! Thank you for having faith in our city Mary Portas!

Can you name something that makes Wolverhampton look at cut above the rest? Need I be so careless not to mention that the Hungry Bistro is located just over the road from Wolverhampton's Grand Theatre, the show must go on for both venues so its great to see a good bit of camaraderie! Why not choose the Hungry Bistro for some pre-theatre drinks? Ditch that Greggs or McDonald's for something freshly made at Wolverhampton's alternative cafe bistro, the burgers looked great! Multinational chains make the world go round but lets embrace the 'mom and pop' businesses that do for themselves. Quench your thirst by choosing a speciality beer or a bottle of wine from the collection that's available at the Hungry Bistro? The team at the Hungry Bistro are friendly and welcoming so a attitude free dining experience can be enjoyed with a doubt. Challenge yourself by taking a chance on something new, we have to be part of the change for Wolverhampton so if that means having a lovely lunch, then I'm in! Yo'um alright Wolves! 

Wolverhampton WV1Now, who mentioned art? For an ex-industrial powerhouse its hard to believe that the city of Wolverhampton has many beauty spots. Lady Wulfruna, a local noblewoman founded the settlement of Wolverhampton in 985 so she's been serving that realness for a long time indeed. Aside from that strong female this city has a great art gallery that still showcases some remarkable works of art, the council owned building still operates as usual considering the aggressive cuts made. I took a chance on Wolverhampton's Art Gallery to find works of art dating back to the Georgian and Victorian periods and a whole section dedicated to to the city of Wolverhampton from 1850 to 1970. The art from the Wolverhampton section shows that Lady Wulfruna hasn't thrown much shade since she founded the city in 985! I have faith in the art gallery in Wolverhampton because I felt a good vibe as I walked around the various exhibitions that were on offer to me that July afternoon. It's true to say that Wolverhampton still serves culture! Yes!

Call me controversial but I wanted to explore a council owned service in Wolverhampton to seek the development for tourism within the city. I'm a firm believer that there's a market for Wolverhampton and the surrounding West Midlands area, so with a marketing campaign it would be possible to bring some much needed revenue for Wolverhampton's troubled council. I saw the art gallery in a positive light, its times like these when we have to use what we have got to the best of our ability. I wonder if Lady W was a independent woman? If she was I guess the city of Wolverhampton should empower their city center independent businesses without a seconds thought. Veering back towards the art scene I really appreciated the Wolverhampton exhibition, I have lived in the region since I was five years old so it nice to see what past influences have been brought through the medium of art at Wolverhampton's own gallery. Taking in the artsy vibe of the gallery I needed a drink to quench my thirst, let's empower what we've got here in WV1!

Wolverhampton WV1Wolverhampton, you're no longer a hot mess thanks to the Bond Street Tavern. She can be the queen of your dreams, choose to have a kiki at this premium Gay venue. Seeking something different from the norm because we know how to bring it, newly refurbished to a very high spec the Bond Street Tavern serves sophisticated realness. With a inviting atmosphere I was really impressed with the Bond Street Tavern for that fact alone. Bond Street Tavern holds a monthly quiz and a fortnightly bingo that are both sure to find somebody victorious, we're all champions! Feeling hungry? A range freshly prepared meals are served daily from 12pm to 3pm with curry nights appearing during the week. It's too late to apologize because Friday means the Pink Pounder at Wolverhampton's premium gay venue. Cabaret Saturdays ensure that the party is turned up at Bond Street Tavern! Day or night the Bond Street Tavern stands to be a welcoming and entertaining venue to actively empower the LGBT community of Wolverhampton. Work!

Could Wolverhampton become the city of the future? Wolves Pride is in its third year, debuting in 2012 to serve as the city's first Pride event. Bond Street Tavern will be working with Wolves Pride on the 27th September 2014, supporting the event with drinks promotions and entertainment for the third Gay Pride in Wolves. Contrary to report X-Factor finalist Lucy Spraggan has signed up to headline at the event so its easy to see that the day will be a live occasion! I studied in Birmingham so I became a scene queen, getting well acquainted with the many venues in the Gay Village in Birmingham, resulting in a weekend of mayhem at Birmingham Pride 2014 so Wolves Pride looks like a promising event for the city of Wolverhampton. Visit the Bond Street Tavern to understand what I mean because I won't explain this business twice. There's every reason that Wolverhampton has the possibility to be the city of tomorrow! I know that Wolverhampton is returning, working on its comeback to give you everything that it has got! WV1 own it! 

Joseph Harrison

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