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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey blog friends! I’m home at 1:45pm because we actually finished printing 1 trillion and 54 million and 202 thousand and 4 Birds on a Wire, and by 1,054,202,004 I mean 500.

I was 4 minutes late to work because I went through the drive through at the bucks for an awake tea with soymilk. Mhmm, awake tea has become the new coffee.

photo (1)

We had pizza and salad for lunch. I exercised a little willpower and only had 2 slices of pepperoni. I also had 1 slice of cheesy bread and a heaping romaine salad.


After lunch we drove by a vacant restaurant building that just became available on Main Street. Unfortunately this building is everything we want but comes with a few… problems.

Problem #1: it’s $2.25 a square foot.


Problem #2: it perfect except for the price which makes it’s unattainable-ness so much more depressing

Problem #3: Its right by the Myo and I had gone exactly 3 days without any froyo. My addiction is now awakened


photo (5)

While I looked like this, I tweeted this…


While sitting at this stoplight.

photo (2)

So I did what any self-respecting froyo addicted person would do in the middle of crazy withdrawals…

photo (7)

I went to froyo and my sad face turned happy!

photo (6)

My froyo rides first class!

photo (3)
photo (4)

This is why I know I have a problem…

photo (9)

I always think my face will fit in the cup. It never does


What are you addicted too?

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