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With and Without Daddy

By Suvenchow
I don't know if I'm imagining it, but I do feel that Little Miss Bébé is generally more cheerful when daddy's around town. It must be really hard for her to grasp why daddy is always gone for a few weeks at a time, but she understands that daddy will always come back. 
With and without DaddyWith and without DaddyOuting with Daddy (pic 1) and without Daddy (pic 2)
Just the other day (past week in fact), she held a picture of her and Daddy everywhere she went (within the house compound) and kept on shouting, "Oh, Daddy!" So whenever we weren't out, she'll be having the picture in her hands and shouting the same sentence over and over again. It broke my heart to see her missing her daddy so much, but at the same time I felt comforted that even at such a young age, she is undeniably a daddy's girl. 
To counter the situation, I try my best to bring her out everyday so to keep her occupied. One of my favorite place to visit is the zoo. Despite it being a Playgroup WA day today with all the fun and activities, my poor little precious still wouldn't smile, and she remain as demure as ever throughout her outing. Sure, there were tiny smiles here and there, but as you can see from the second picture, there's not even a slight lip movement during bubble play, which is not normal for a 2 year old. I mean, which kid doesn't get excited over bubbles??!! Apparently, my daughter doesn't, at least not today. 
With and without DaddyMy favorite shot of the day - simple, innocent and full of emotions
Hopefully she'll cheer up soon. I miss my cheerful little bubba...
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