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Project Thankful365 #12: The Man Who Made Me Cry

By Suvenchow
Project Thankful365 #12: The Man who made me cry
12 years with this man, 12 YEARS! And he has the guts to make me cry 3 times today, at a freaking restaurant. 

One, for being all cheesy, showing up with a bouquet of flowers at a restaurant. Two, for organising this surprise date night/ 12th year anniversary (from the date that we started dating, not married, which I totally forgot) dinner, a plan that involved the help of 2 of my best friends. Three, for surprising me with not one but 2 Pandora charms that I've been eyeing on but was too hesitant to buy. 

Know that even without all these stuff, I will still hold your hands as we walk down this road together. Because it's never been about the fancy shmancy, it's always been what's in our hearts. Tonight was definitely a nice surprise, and it definitely deserves the #12 spot on my Project Thankful365. To know that I still matter, and that I'm still worthy of your surprises, I couldn't ask for anything more. 

Thank you hubby, hands down you're the best husband any woman could ever ask for. 

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