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Wishing You All a Grand 2013!

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
I did a Year Recap here. I feel like my beginning started in November. 
The only thing I didn't mention on the blog itself is that I made straight As my first semester back!Wishing you all a Grand 2013!
 I hope you all have a happy prosperous new year! Look out for my husband and I's video!!! It will be a hoot. Especially after I read what the questions were...yikes! Pictures from todayToday I bought a cute suitcase from daenisches bettenlager. Thanks to Pinterest I buy suitcases and cute hat boxes whenever I spot a cute one. Wishing you all a Grand 2013!
Some lucky cookies I baked hoping for some luck in the 2013 you all a Grand 2013!
My husband and I prepping for tomorrow's mealsWishing you all a Grand 2013!
I have a lot of fun plans about my hair, my life as a milspouse, how I making my house a home and of course recipes!
Here is a little glance. Will have some before and afters of my living room and dining room and other rooms. A post I've been promising forever! This is my cozy corner in my dining room. I love it. Thanks PinterestWishing you all a Grand 2013!

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