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Wintertime Sailing

By Sailingguide

No, this isn't about frostbiting - that crazy practice of northern sailors who don all kinds of special gear and sail in conditions so cold that ice forms on deck and the sails. This is about those lucky sailors who travel to warmer climes and find themselves at a beach resort staring longingly at rental Hobies or other small sailboats lined up at water's edge. Yeah, let's go! It can be fun for onlookers on the beach to watch a beach-sailor-newbie trying to get the boat through waves and out to deeper water without being blown back into the shallows and grounding out the rudder or centerboard. Sure, you know how to sail the darn boat, but how are you supposed to get it through the wind out to sailable water - when during the time it takes to climb aboard and get the rudder lowered, the wind knocks you back on the beach? There are some tricks to know before you try it the first time, to avoid becoming entertainment for others. Start out like a pro and you'll have even more fun once you're out there bursting off wave tops and flying hull!

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