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Will.i.am to Produce Next Britney Spears Album

Posted on the 11 August 2013 by Catchmyear @catchmyear

will.i.am and britneyAnyone else feening for a Britney Spears and will.i.am fix? Ever since the duo worked together on “Big Fat Bass,” fans have been hungry for more. On will.i.am’s latest single “Scream & Shout” (which was released in November of 2012), fans loved the addition of Spears, readily accepting the duo once again. The Spears/will.i.am collaboration was both innovative and new, resulting in different beats and a fun chorus that could get stuck in your head for weeks at a time. Luckily for the fans, the wait for their reunion will soon be over. Will.i.am recently announced that he and Britney Spears will be collaborating for Spears’ upcoming album, which has a due date that is yet to be determined. While will.i.am has been close-lipped about other artists collaborating on the album, production is already well in the works. If “Big Fat Bass” and “Scream & Shout” are any indications of what we’re in store for, this upcoming album is going to be great.

Source: Yahoo Music- Will.i.am Producing New Britney Spears Album

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