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My Journey

Posted on the 07 August 2019 by Catchmyear @catchmyear
My journey

What is my journey and why have I started it?

What is my journey and why have I started it? To put it simply this is a journey to financial freedom. However this is not a lazy version where most people wish they could win the lottery and live a life of luxury, I am not interested in luxury. I am interested in time! I want to have the freedom to spend my time on things I want to do rather than slaving a way 47 weeks of the year to a job that does not fulfill me. I want to be able to do meaningful projects that fulfill me. That is simply my goal.

Why have I started it? Just like most people I am not satisfied working a 9-5 on another persons terms. I do not mind working a 9-5 however I want it to be on a project that stimulates me. I want to leave an impression on this earth what’s the point of working your whole life to not change the world in some way? 

What caused these feelings? I am not entirely sure ever since I was young I have not wanted to work a standard job and retire at a standard age ( I will get to what I mean by retire later on). I do not know whether I was born this way or seeing certain events or lifestyles while growing up affected how I view work.

Traditional retire vs my retirement

The typical person when they retire want to stop all work and do nothing other than particular hobbies for their remaining years whether this is golf, renovating cars, traveling or many other hobbies that people love. This is understandable after working for 40-50 years you deserve to relax there is nothing wrong with this!

However I do not want this. “Work” is a word I do not like, when most people hear the word work it brings negative emotions. The majority of people in employment are not happy with their “work”. I do not want to “work” I want to create meaningful activities that fulfill me and may generate income but that is not important. What is important is financial freedom as this gives me the freedom to do this meaningful work without worrying about bills or food.

Financial freedom

Financial freedom will give me the opportunity to explore ways to make myself happy and not with superficial items  like clothes or expensive cars these do not make me happy. What makes me happy is making a difference to someone else’s life and changing it for the good. I would love to pull the population out of poverty and provide everyone with meaningful work that they enjoy and love. I do not want everyone stuck in jobs they hate simply because they need it to pay the bills, I know this is a huge task and one many would say is impossible. However I have a lifetime to achieve it so let’s see if I can!

Happiness is key, if you are not enjoying every day of your life you need to change it. Your not stuck in a meaningless job you mind is. Find your happiness and you will live a happy and meaningful life, money will no longer be your focus.

How will I achieve financial freedom? Just like every other personal finance blogger. Saving investing and side hustles, I plan to work hard and live frugally for as long as it takes. So that I can achieve my financial freedom and focus on my happiness through helping others.

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