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Will Windows 8 Be The Base of The Xbox 720 UI?

Posted on the 22 February 2013 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

A former Microsoft executive has recently affirmed that the most recent Xbox 720 UIinterface for the Xbox 720 will be similar to the already famous Windows 8. During an IGN interview, Joachim Kempin, who was the vice-president of Windows, stated that in his opinion, the future generation of the Xbox will feature an interface resonant with Windows 8.

Over the years, the Xbox has really managed to win people over with innovative gadgets, excellent game graphics, and overall experience. Nevertheless, technology is advancing and the people are looking to know what will happen with the Xbox in the next couple of months? Will Windows 8 be the main base for Xbox 720 UI?

What is more, Mr. Kempin said that he believes they’re going to make the newest Xbox as similar to Windows 8 as possible, and that the fans will probably be dazzled by a fine touch screen. Currently, Windows is one of the strongest operating systems, thus it is not that surprising that they intend to use it to attract user attention. In a world where cloud gaming has started to take the lead, console gaming companies must do everything in their power to stay updated. Five years ago the Xbox was a revolutionary device because it managed to reinvent the idea of video gaming.

Consoles are ruling the gaming market, but in order to stay on top companies need to stay innovative. Mr. Kempin added that it is an essential move to put Windows 8 as the basis for Xbox 720 UI because it’s equally important to persuade the next generations of people to purchase the console. Ever since Microsoft has recently registered a progress regarding its features, as well as design, the people want to know more. Is this progress real, or it’s just a way to maintain the good name of Microsoft out there?

Regrettably, Mr. Kempin also thinks that the obsession with this scarcely profitable console, might be jeopardizing Microsoft’s other undertakings, especially in the PC area.  Nevertheless, these are assumptions and it’s only an opinion.

Furthermore, he explained that there is no actual profit, as far as the Xbox hardware is concerned; hence, the earnings will need to be obtained from alternative sources, most probably from specialized game developers, possibly from a future Halo version, or through a brand new Kinect system. Overall, this is an insignificant part of the company, and Mr. Kempin considers that the Xbox could have done much better if they had chosen to stay away from this matter; it seems to be a complete waste of time and money, however the future is still unpredictable and nobody knows for sure what will happen with the Xbox days from now on.

Mr. Kempin added that Microsoft needs to find a proficient way of making this entire PC environment more ground-breaking, and that adding a strong interface such as Windows 8 is not enough. These devices need to be made to work together flawlessly, and to complement each other; most importantly, they need to bring something new to the market. If Windows 8 will be the base for the revolutionary Xbox 720 UI is something that remains to be seen.

Currently, it is very difficult to come up with something new into this overly-stuffed PC environment, and it is essential to calculate your moves if you want to achieve success. Thus far, Microsoft has not managed to come up with a suitable strategy. Just consider that every year they spend approximately $10 billion on development and research, and they still haven’t managed to come up with something remarkable, something to blow people’s minds. The new versions of Microsoft Office and Windows are far from being sufficient, and a different version of the Xbox, which is released every three years is surely not enough either.

Finally, Mr. Kempin was frank and he had no restrains in presenting his opinions publicly, offering an insight into these two big companies, and their future releases. He might be right, or he might be wrong, but after a deep analysis of the data, the people will see that his beliefs are not completely erroneous, and that they have a solid foundation. At the end of the day, there’s a bit of truth in every assumption or allegation.

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