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Will Listening To Mozart Really Make You Smarter?

By Gerard @presurfer
Will Listening To Mozart Really Make You Smarter?image credit
The concept of the 'Mozart effect' was described by French researcher, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis in his 1991 book Pourquoi Mozart? He used the music of Mozart in his efforts to 'retrain' the ear, and believed that listening to the music presented at differing frequencies helped the ear, and promoted healing and the development of the brain.
But will listening to Mozart really make you smarter? Yes, but no more than listening to Justin Bieber. Catherine Noelle O’Shea and David Wolf of the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston recently found that doctors who listened to Mozart before screening patients for colon polyps found more polyps than those who didn't. Classical music probably made the doctors feel good, thereby improving cognition. If the doctors had been Bieber fans, it might have been better to play them some of his hits.The Presurfer

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