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Why You Want to See October Baby on Friday.

By Scarlettandstephen
Why you want to see October Baby on Friday.
Sometimes, a movie just… moves me.  I mean, sopping up tears with the greasy popcorn napkin kind of tears.  And it’s rare that a movie that makes me stream tears can also make me laugh out loud so hard I snort.  Yes, sometimes, a snort comes out.  Stephen and I were given the opportunity to see a sneak peek release of a new movie that I’m just gonna flat out tell you, you NEED to see on March 23.  It’s called October Baby, and it’s about a girl who in college finds out she adopted after a failed abortion attempt.  I know that’s a heavy topic usually reserved for political debates, but this movie showcases a tender journey that will completely make you cry and laugh all at the same time and heal places of your heart you didn’t even know were broken.  It’s more so a story about forgiveness.  It’s more so a story about unconditional love.  It’s more so a story about truth. It’s more so a story about miracles discovered right in front of you that you had no idea were miracles in the first place.

But when you go see it, I recommend you bring tissues so that you don’t have to wipe your tears on greasy popcorn napkins like I did.

Here’s the trailer and more goodies on the website:

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