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Why You Should Play Golf Without a Driver

By Golfforbeginners

If you find your driver to be erratic at times (and who doesn't), the next time you play a round of golf why not consider leaving that new Nike Covert VR S or Callaway X Hot Pro at home? Why not just tuck it away in the trunk of your car you may ask

golf ironsSwinging well at the driving range and feeling super confident, you just might be tempted to grab the Big Head instead of sticking to a plan and playing your round with the other thirteen clubs in your bag, maybe adding another hybrid or wedge to the mix.

The great Ben Hogan said, "Golf is not a game of good shots... It's a game of bad shots." He further commented, "You only hit a straight ball by accident. The ball is going to move right or left every time you hit it, so you had better make it go one way or the other." 

With a driver in hand, the chances of hitting your shot more wayward than intended could mean the difference between edge of the first cut of rough and being in the woods so, why take the risk during every round?

Whether you are a golf beginner or more experienced amateur, regularly hitting wayward shots with a less-than-reliable club doesn't enhance your time on the course and allows negative thoughts to creep into your mind and into your game.

Instead of attempting to regain composure after hitting a bad driver shot off of the tee, Golf for Beginners offers a few benefits to leaving your driver at home.

1. A better chance to get ball in fairway:

If your driver is erratic, you certainly don't want it to cost you strokes during a round of golf...and it will! If your three, five-wood or even  longer iron gets you into the fairway, practice with your driver off-course and play with your go-to clubs during the round.

When Tiger Woods was asked after his second round on Muirfield how many times he used his driver up to that point in The Open he exclaimed, "I hit about eight to 10..." finishing his deadpan comment with, "on the range." The result was a tie for the lead going into the weekend and with Woods being "in a good spot."

2. Confidence booster: You have to admit that, when your golf ball lands safely in the fairway, you feel ready, and eager, to tackle the next look forward to it!

3. Chance to Practice Longer Approach Shots: With the driver out of your bag, you will be pressed to use different golf clubs to get down to the green. A three-wood on the tee will leave a longer approach shot so dust off the hybrids (which are easy and fun to hit!)

4. More fun: Playing golf should be fun, whether you are out in a foursome or in a tournament. Wouldn't it be great to beat your buddies knowing that you didn't need your driver to win? It's also a great talking point for the 19th hole!

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