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Why You Can’t Miss Innsbruck, Austria (PHOTOS)

By Latitude34 @Lat34Travel
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Why You Can’t Miss Innsbruck, Austria (PHOTOS)

Every young traveler dreams of not only visiting Europe at some point but also of finding the quintessential European city full of charm, history, character and heart. While most traveling chose to visit Paris, London or Rome if they get the chance to hop across the pond, there are many smaller cities worth a visit, which is why you can’t miss Innsbruck, Austria if you have the chance to visit. Innsbruck isn’t Austria’s largest or most commonly visited city yet offers those who visit some of the most authentic European experiences that can be found anywhere. Innsbruck offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding during the winter months, as well as sledding, which is ridiculously fun. Ever been to an igloo party on top of a mountain? Innsbruck offers a slick mountain top restaurant right above the city which hosts weekly DJ hosted parties in a gigantic igloo. There is nothing like standing by a fire with a glass of hot wine looking over the majestic city lights below.  .Europe is known for its cuisine and Innsbruck doesn’t disappoint with amazing authentic restaurants as well as many Asian, Mexican and delicious burger places. Walking around the amazingly picturesque downtown area will give you a great sense of history and the many bakeries, cheese and meat stores that line the alleys offer some of the best bites to eat during your day.

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While still a small city, Innsbruck played host to be the 1964 and 1976 winter Olympics and many of the sky slopes built are still in use today. If you visit Innsbruck during the winter months, you will be hard pressed to walk through town on a weekend morning and not see many of the locals loading up their cars and heading for the hills. Located in the Inn Valley, Innsbruck is literally surrounded by some of the most impressive mountains we have seen, and when covered in snow they provide one of the most breathtaking surroundings you could imagine, you will feel as though you are in a postcard.

Austria 003 Why You Cant Miss Innsbruck, Austria (PHOTOS)

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While Innsbruck might not be on your list of must see cities in Europe, it is located only an hour and a half train ride from Munich, Germany and can even be explored in a day trip. While we would spend at least 2-3 days in the city, much can be done in a day, such as visiting one of the many castles outside of the city, enjoying an amazing schnitzel lunch and walking the beautiful banks of the river that flows through the middle of town.

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Ask the locals for their recommendations, as there are endless hidden nooks and crannies around the city filled with uber authentic dining options. Innsbruck also offers some great nightlife options including dance clubs for the younger generation (or old people looking to be awesome) as well as an opera house for the older generation (or youngsters looking to be pretentious haha). .Innsbruck offers plenty of hotel options, from high end to budget and the train system all throughout Europe is impeccably clean, efficient and easy to use. We took the train in from Rome and left via train to Venice for Carnivale. .One of our favorite European cities by far, the air is clean, scenery drop dead gorgeous, people warm and options endless for an authentic and memorable European holiday.

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