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Why We Create Things

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
I am a creative person and i recently i was thinking about a few projects and a question was raised by 2 people i was working with and we had a great conversation...
Why do we create things? what drives us to keep creating new content?
After thinking about why i create things i have come to a few conclusions i think everyone is motivated for different reasons and creative people need to use there skills to be more positive and productive, I was thinking back over the past few months about the times where i have not been creating new things and these times are always points in my life where i feel unhappy or stressed out. In my personal opinion i think i am the sort of person who has to stay productive and create things or i feel that i am not in the best frame of mind plus i am not the best person to be around when i am in a bad mood so this is why i have a need to be creative and to make things so i can be happier about myself.
I have always been the sort of person who is not driven by money as my main goal as i think that kind of mentality can be bad and cause issues in a persons life. The creative mind is always thinking and creating new ideas and adapting projects to be able to work better and this is why creative people are driven to work and to make things happen. My blog started as outlet for my bottled up ideas and thoughts and over the past few years it has grown through many phases and become a resource for looking back at my past and seeing myself grow as a person and become who i am.
One issue i have found from the past few years is that being creative can become small problem when you can't shut down and you can't stop thinking about ideas, this is also why i am a gamer as i find playing games for an hour or so each week seems to balance myself out and i can lose myself for an hour and not have to stress out about work...
I ultimately create things because i like to make things and my daily activities help to balance my creativity easily as i am always doing something such as blogging, writing, designing, drawing and just creating ideas and new projects to work on.
I hope this blog post has given people something to think about and to write something about their creativity and their work.
Thanks for reading and supporting my work. 

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