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Why Travel Blogging?

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Writing and Traveling are my two hobbies for which I channel my passion. Like an inseparable things, these two activities support one and another. When traveling, I write to record all memories through the script. And when writing, the trip experience becomes the inspiration. Travel blogging as a new hobby had just been started one year ago, when I realized that I need a media, not only to memorize but also to share all the incredible moment.

I love travel blogging, and some bloggers do really inspire me a lot. Not only the tips they provide to get there from here, but also how the way they deliver the info in their own style make me spend more time stalking at their “home”. Some bloggers share their article in comical way, some others write descriptively and seriously the whole detail. Some customize their template in catchy display to attract the reader, some just put a very simple lay out and focus on the info.

These are some example of travel blog which I used to visit. I like Bama’s blog for its way of delivering (and especially some sophisticated English jargon he uses when writing enrich my vocabulary

Thanks Pal). I sometimes sneak at Fahmi’s blog for his unusual topic discussed (when some other writes about the destination in mainstream way, he writes about how to enjoy a site in different way).  Fikri and Vicky’s blogs are like my second Lonely Planet, they really put a very detail info on how to get there, which bus to take, where to sleep and what to do. While Gio, arghhh, I hate him for always shooting stunning photos each time he travels!

Wanna know why are they travel blogging? Check these out…

Bama from What An Amazing World


Why writing travel blog? When I started writing a blog, it was mainly focused on my daily life and routines. Not that there’s something wrong about it, but I wanted to write something I’m so passionate about, which would supposedly be translated into how people feel upon reading my blog. Hence travel writing.

Vicky from Jejak Vicky


I looooove traveling more than anything. And travel blogging helps me to document the travel stories which would later become beneficial not only for ourselves as the writer, but also for the other traveler who might need the information. My passion is traveling and I can’t imagine be a writer of anything than travel blogging.

Fahmi from Catperku


Travel blogging is about sharing your fun experience after traveling. Teaching other traveler how to be responsible traveler and also documenting your life journey. Our memories tend to fade away, that’s why travel blogging will keep your memories from being forgotten.

Fikri from Hoki Traveler


I love to share some info about how magnificent Indonesia is. Less people knows about this. Hence, I’d like to share some tips that I have experienced by my self on how to manage the spending wisely.

Gio from Disgiovery


I hearts writing & photography, and a travel blog consists those two. Also I have a mission to spread the message of responsible travel, and that the world is beautiful so people don’t have to be like a frog underneath the coconut shell. Go out and live a life!

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