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Why the Nexus 4 is Not a Contender for My Next Phone

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Andrew Monks @mramonks
When I last saw +Andrew Monks he showed me his Nexus 4 and I saw that it was good, apart from the super slippy back panel. It will do everything i need a phone to do, however the point of my quest to find the best sub £200.00 android device is not so I can have the same as everyone else or even a branded product. The whole point of this search is to find the next un-sung hero of the phone world, even now
Huawei are still relatively unknown outside of tech circles and it is a shame because the g300 was the budget phone of the year! [IMHO]
Which brings me onto these guys, Blu Products. now you might look at these phones and think they look a little familiar, well yes, there is no denying where the styling ideas came from but is that a big issue? Now I have no need for a dual SIM phone but the specs of this phone look rather interesting......Clicky
Why the Nexus 4 is not a contender for my next phone
Not bad for a phone with a retail price of around £199.99 and it uses the same Super AMOLED screen from the 2011 Samsung apparently. 
This is the kind of product I am looking for, something relatively unknown, different, rare even. However am I ready to drop my hard earned cash on something I can't try before I buy??? 
Please drop us a comment with any other un-sung heroes you can think of!

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