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Did Apple Ever Release a Phone That Wasn't Riddled with Faults?

Posted on the 23 October 2014 by Andrew Monks @mramonks
It is a number of weeks since the 'chaos' of the iPhone 6 and 6's release and the bending issue. And the hair pulling issue. And the update issue to name a few..........
This got me thinking, have any of the iPhones arrived without some kind of issue?
The simple answer is no, not really Apple have not had a clean launch.
The first gen iPhone was released without the ability to connect to 3G, or send MMS, or the ability to copy and paste, However these were mere omissions which were quickly fixed with an update.
The 3G was blighted with the itunes servers going down meaning that people who had waited days in some cases outside of stores left that store with a phone they couldn't use because it couldn't be activated until the servers were back up 12 hours later.
The 3GS overheated and discoloured the plastic body when 'heavily used' (apples words) in hot environments. 3 of my mates had this issue, we live in Britain.
The 4 and 4s were plagued with signal dropping issues and siri not understanding many accents.
Number 5? (which was actually the 6th iphone model.....) Two words, Apple Maps........
 The iphone 5s was not produced in large enough numbers to satisfy initial demand. Oh and the fingerprint scanner needed a software update to work straight out of the box......
These are just a few of the issues that have been reported by iPhone users over the years and to add to that tally of faults and issues now it is being reported that the iPhone6 rear plastic strips are being dyed by peoples clothing making the phone look old and tatty.
Top all of this off with the fact that the devices are blinking expensive to begin with, that they are frighteningly fragile, have no external storage, a non removable battery and then when you upgrade to the new model your existing accessories are not always supported by the new devices and that when you look at the specification of the product you buy it is behind the times in regard to RAM and processor technology, connection speeds etc etc and I just can't understand how they still have such a big market share.
The celebrity factor plays a huge part in this as it has become aspirational to own an iPhone as a status symbol and naturally those who have invested a lot in itunes and apps are tied in to the brand but those newcomers need to wake up and realize that the new state of the art iPhone6 is not only out of date already but is also massively outgunned not only in spec but also in price by the likes of Googles Nexus range not to mention The Oppo One plus one which is half the price and twice the spec!
Dont get me wrong, when I owned an ipod touch 2nd gen it was the best mp3 player I have ever owned, The iphone 3gs was the best phone I had owned up to that point but when I went to get an upgrade to the 4s I saw the spec and the price, compared that with the spec and price of an unknown to me at that point Huawei Ascend G300 and made the leap to Android.
Was I disappointed???? No not even slightly.
Since then I have had a couple of HTC's, an Asus or two (including the 7inch fonepad phablet) and am on my second Huawei, An Ascend G510 which I have customised with Cyanogenmod. Would I go back to owning an iPhone now? Nope. Never.
I dont like the fact you have to use itunes to sync music, I don't like the fact that my £100 portable speaker dock became unsupported after iOS 6 and is now completely incompatible because apple changed the connector. I'm sure there are a few other people just as miffed about that one........
In summary Apple created a truly magnificent device that captured the public's eye with its fancy advertising and aspirational appeal but in truth it is a flawed, fragile, restricted trinket that makes a lot of people feel important and popular. For which I thank them. Without all the flaws and issues and aspirational appeal we wouldn't have the Android devices we have today. So thank you Apple for making overpriced flawed phones. We android fans appreciate it.
Did you make the leap to Android from iOS? Have you experienced any issues like these with a brand new Android? Let us know in the comments!

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