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Why Replace Your Long Irons with Hybrid Golf Clubs?

By Golfforbeginners
Having trouble hitting your long golf irons? Perhaps it is time to consider buying a hybrid or two to replace clubs that no longer serve you well on the course. One of the most negative mental images is to believe, in advance, that you will mis-hit a club in your bag.

Why consider a hybrid? This combination club is a unique blend of iron and wood and has a bigger head which makes off-shots less of a regular occurence. I have already replaced my 4-iron with a similar-distance hybrid and my confidence level soars when I pick it out of the bag.

That being said, Golf for Beginners has put together a short list of the top hybrids on the market and a few golf tips to get you comfortable with your new clubs.


Adams Idea Tech V4 HybridsInstead of listing the top golf hybrid clubs for more advanced players, I thought it would be better to opt for a few choice golf clubs that should improve an average players' game. 1. Adams Idea Tech V4 Hybrids: Considered the easiest-to-hit hybrids that Adams Golf has engineered, Adams Golf website says, "same CT of a driver, which delivers higher ball speeds, more forgiveness and more distance." Ping i20 hybrids
2. Although Ping Golf considers all of their hybrids as "game improvement" clubs, the Ping i20's were given a "thumbs-up" on Golf Digest's 2012 Hot List for their forgiveness compact head and low CG.

Golf Tips for Hitting Your New Hybrids

1. states, "When choosing a hybrid you should always stick to one where the shaft is similar in length to your current irons. Also stick to a hybrid where the shaft is made from the same material as your other clubs, this will ensure you’re not having to change your swing every time you use a new club.  Also choose a club that is aesthetically pleasing to you, this will build up your confidence." 2. Paula Creamer carries no golf club longer than a 5-iron, having replaced her longer irons with hybrids so she is an expert on how to hit a hybrid! Creamer says that, since the shaft of the hybrid is only slightly longer than the corresponding iron, it is important to hit the hybrid like an iron, not a wood.
Paula Creamer hitting hybrids
"Play the ball in the middle of your stance, and keep your weight centered. Your hands should be in line with the ball, and your shoulders, hips and feet should be square to your target. As you take the club back and swing through, make sure to hit the ball with a descending blow--do not use a sweeping motion, as you would with a fairway wood." ...Paula Creamer
3. Finally, after you have tried them out on the driving range and believe that your new hybrid golf clubs are truly easier-to-hit than your long irons (which is probably the reason you tucked them into your old clubs bag in the first place), your confidence will soar. A hybrid golf club will help you achieve a higher ball trajectory with a nice, slow --- smooth --- swing which will help ensure solid contact more often. Voice your opinions on Twitter @Golf4Beginners and on Facebook.
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