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Why Justice League Trailer Isn't Impressive

Posted on the 26 March 2017 by Remesh Venkitachalam
The hype around the world's greatest comic superhero movies have always been feverish, and it was no different when the DC's iconic characters were rebooted by Zack Snyder. The anticipation for a gritty DCEU began ever since we got the first look at Man of Steel, four years back. But the final results were always sub par to our expectations.
Let's forget Man of Steel here. It was what it was. But, Batman vs Superman was one of the movies that could not have gone wrong at all. The anticipation was there, excitement was there, and even after the movie...MOVIE..not comic BOOK, or chat SHOW, ......the MOVIE was absolutely bad, there were a lot of people still liking it. I had a lot of problems with the movie starting from its not entertaining, or enlightening, and was made only for the fans who knew what was going on in the comics. I felt more empathy for KONG in the latest WB monster movie that was also lot of action and CGI without story like BvS, over any character in the DCEU movies. Suicide Squad followed and it was too an incoherent story having a bad villain, but was a little more entertaining to BvS. This is why I am so aggressive towards the DCEU. It is pure bad filmmaking, and writing, and there is just no way fan boys can justify that, though they have their loyalties. I don't care about DC or Marvel. I just need good stuff, like the Christopher Nolan trilogy.
Why Justice League trailer isn't impressive
Now, the Justice League's first official trailer is out, and I can see the same pattern. Yes, they did add jokes. Yes, the action is good(you thought I'd say it's fantastic? Will come back to that). Yes.....what else....nothing I guess. That's it. Usually, the DCEU trailers are good, and they wait until their third trailer to mess everything up. This time, the very first one itself doesn't impress.
The dialogs, the first thing that I felt, are bland and flat. Just thrown around, without any situational weightage. "I'm rich" joke felt repeated the moment it came out of Affleck's mouth. There is nothing really original in the writing at all. yes, yes...not many felt any of this. If you feel these are the punch dialogs in the movie, then you really should go out and watch some real good movies. There was not one dialog that gave goosebumps, let alone a punch. I really didn't want to do a comparison to Marvel, but I remember while watching the Civil War trailer, and Roger-Stark dialog goes, "He is my friend.""So, am I.", and that blows your mind. It was situational, and well written.
Now about the visuals. Large scale CGI in the dark, out of the world enemies, lot of fire and sparks. Where have we seen these before? Oh yes, the one we termed a disaster last year. I am tired of this same routine action sequences. Well, that could be just me. I didn't see one new idea in the whole trailer of JL. Hopefully, Aquaman, and Flash will rescue me from that.
Music wasn't bad, but wasn't anything new either. The shot where they line up the heroes one after the other was one of the worst edits I have ever seen.
Honestly, I was pumped up for JL after the initial teaser at comic con last year, but this one drops heavily in graph. It seems like bad film making all over again. It seems like just fan boy stuff all over again. JL has a lot going against it. The bad will made by its predecessors, its director, intrusion of WB execs, seen umpteen times "destruction of the world" storyline, too many characters which has been not developed...and on and on. The bright spot, was that here they have the option to do new things with a man powerful under water and a speedster. If they get it even half right, this movie could do wonders.

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