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RamVlog - Thor Passes Wonder Woman in Worldwide Box Office

Posted on the 09 December 2017 by Remesh Venkitachalam

RamVlog - Thor passes Wonder Woman in Worldwide Box Office

We can all agree the DCEU has been in trouble until last year. At least, in conceptualization, if not financially. The first three movies were all getting mixed reviews, and maybe Suicide Squad was the most fun among them for a theatre experience. Now, with 'Wonder Woman', a lot of the criticisms seem to have dissolved, as it has been a financial success and critically loved by a major chunk of people. I did like it.

I was super excited for 'Justice League', even after having low expectations, after I had seen the first 'comic-con' trailer. It seemed fresh and fun. But when the first official trailer was released, I started getting the BvS feeling again. The tone...THE TONE problem was there. It was dark, the action was unclear, and a lot of things happening in the dark. It hasn't changed in any other following trailers. The jokes felt really flat and "inserted". I was a little sceptic about the Flash, but that changed. I had liked what they had ...

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