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Why Journal -Self Help Lesson#8-Importance of Dreams, Hope, Desire and Faith

By Whyjournal

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We all have something that we hope for, that we dream of or that we desire. It can be something really small or it can be a huge desire that you have. Hope gives us something to look forward to. A goal to work towards. Something special to feel in our hearts. Hope really has to do with everything that we desire. All of these things go together. Usually it starts off as a dream that you have. It does not have to be the kind of dream you have when you go to sleep, but rather a thought or an idea in your mind. Then it turns to hope. You start to hope for what you have been dreaming about. The thought starts to get bigger and bigger. Soon it turns into a desire. A desire is something that we really want. A desire is a hope that has reached our heart. When you can feel this hope burning in your heart you know that it know an important desire in your life.
That is where Faith comes in. Really hope means nothing if you do not have faith. It does not matter if you have a religion or not, I myself am Christian and have faith in God, but no matter who or what you believe in, the important thing is to believe. We must have faith that we are able to achieve our dreams, hopes and desires.
Reasons why Faith is important:
  1. Faith is the act of believing that what you desire will happen without being able to see the evidence. Meaning, it can feel or look like what you hope for will never happen, but in your heart you believe that it will.
  2. Faith gives us motivation and strength to keep on hoping for what we want. It will give us a reason to work towards our goal. If you do not believe that something will happen then how hard do you think you would work towards achieving your desire?
  3. Having faith allows us to keep believing in something even when others try to put it down or tell you that it will never happen. 
Nobody said that faith was easy. It is actually quite hard to have faith. Especially when things are not going as you plan. It is easy to get discouraged and just forget about it. Or at least try. The thing about desires is that they are hard to get rid of. You can try and try to force a desire away, but believe me it always finds its way back to your heart. I know this first hand. There is something in my life that I have been holding on to faith for a long time. And there are times when I feel like just giving up on it, but I cant. It is locked inside my heart and I continue to have faith that this desire is suppose to be!
So if it is hard to have faith and hard to get rid of desires what should I do? The reality is, what you desire might take a week to happen or years. What we need to do is learn to change the way we think about this. Yes it is frustrating when things do not happen as quickly as we would like, or happen the exact way we were expecting, but try to look at the bigger picture. The more we desire something, the harder we will work. The longer it takes, the more we will learn. And once we receive what we want, think about oh how sweet it will be. 
After working towards a goal no matter how long it takes to accomplish you will have such a feeling of achievement. The reward of accomplishment is such a great feeling. That is why we appreciate things we earn or work for more than things that are given to us or are free.
I do NOT like games in relationships. But think about it. If you recently broke up with a person everybody tells you about the no contact rule (this is if you are wanting to get them back). Yes we all know how hard that rule can be if we are the one who got dumped, but if you do this, the odds of making up are usually a lot greater than if you email, call, text a million times a day. Why? Because there is nothing to work for if you do that. If something is just given to you, it is much easier to get rid of. You did not work for it, yes it might be special but it is a lot easier to part with than if you would have bought it yourself. Or in this case, used your valuable time to try to get you back. By no means do I think that you should play games in matters of the heart. But if you recently broke up with somebody, do give them some time and space to allow them to come back to you. Allow them to work to get you back.
How to use a journal to help with dreams, hopes, desires and faith.
  • When you get a thought, idea or dream in your head you should use your journal to write it down. First you can write down the thought and then under list words or short sentences that you think of having to do with this idea. Every day you can continue to brainstorm and add to your ideas.
  • When you get a clear idea of what your idea is and it starts to become a desire, you can then start creating a plan or goal in how you are going to reach this desire. You can use lists, sentences, paragraphs, whatever you want. But start to think of things that you could do to make this desire become reality.
  • Along the way you will more than likely come across barriers or things that get in your way. Write them down as well. Then try to write ideas on how you can overcome these things, or think of alternative things that you can do in order to continue to achieve your desire.
  • Once you have a solid plan, stick with it. Like I said before, sometimes things take a long time to happen. But this will help you with your faith. Continue to write down the things you are doing towards accomplishing this goal. Be sure to note the things that are working well. If you are having trouble holding on to the faith, everyday write a short paragraph of why you are holding on to this. Why you would like to see this happen, and the rewards that you will get once it happens.
  • This will keep you motivated and let you relive the goals and the plans that you have. The more you work for it, the more likely that you will have what you desire.
  • Once you have accomplished your desire be sure to write it down! I know it might be exciting and you might forget about writing, but it will help you in the future with your next desire. Plus you will be able to recall how hard you worked to achieve your goal and then remember how great the outcome really was.
Start working today towards making your hopes, dreams and goals a reality! It is well worth the time.

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