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Emotions Gone Wild - Common Emotions After a Breakup

By Whyjournal

Emotions Gone Wild - Common Emotions After A Breakup. 

Emotions Gone Wild - Common Emotions after a breakup
I recently published my first ebook!! It is called Emotions Gone Wild - Common Emotions after a breakup. I wrote an article about this about a year ago and it has been very popular so I decided to write a little more deeply on the subject. 

This book takes you through the stages you go through after losing love. We all go through crazy emotions and can feel pain and feelings that we have never experienced before. Here is a link to the article is you would like to get an idea about the stages you may experience after you breakup. View Article.

Just realize that you are not alone. You are going to feel lonely, you are going to try to deny it. You will feel anger and you will most likely feel like you are going crazy. You know what I mean. The wanting to call every 5 mins, the emails you almost send or DO send. The texting. Feeling like doing nothing but making it all better.

How will you survive? How will you ever move on? You can't right? Of course you can. You will move and and you will love again.

If you would like to know that you are not alone, and read things that may help you ease this pain, something that will help you get through this transition more smoothly, you can find my Ebook here.

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