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Why Journal - Self Help Lesson#10-Enjoy Life

By Whyjournal

Learning to just enjoy life

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I know that this sounds so much easier said than done, with the daily stresses of life and problems we encounter. How am I suppose to just enjoy life? We are always going to have trials and down times in our lives, its a fact of life, but we must keep in mind that our life here on earth is really not that long. We need to value and treasure the time we have here. Once we pass time, that is it, it is passed, we can never get it back. Sure we can try for a better future. In fact, we should always aim for a better future but we also need to try to live for today.
I am guilty of doing it myself at times. I will say, oh I will do it tomorrow. OK, maybe I will do it tomorrow, but what if for some reason I can't do it tomorrow or the next day or the next day? Then I would have missed out. If you want to go for something, go for it now. If you want to buy something, buy it now. I am not saying that you should go and spend all your money on this huge shopping spree, but if there is something that you really want, and you work hard, why not get it? You deserve it. Do not feel guilty. You might not get another chance in the future. Of course it is important to save for retirement, or have money to leave for your family, but if you can't ever get what you want, really what is the point of working so hard?
Same with goals. If you do not go for it now, how do you know that in the future you will have the same opportunities? You do not know. You deserve to be happy, so go for it.
Another thing that we need to remember. It is really nice to have a clean house, get our chores done, run errands that we are suppose to run, but do not let these things get in the way of doing something that you really want to do. If your friend has invited you to dinner and you do not want to go because you feel guilty that the house is a mess, forget the house. Who cares if it is dirty one more day? The mess will still be there tomorrow and you can get it done then. You have to make time for enjoyment. If you do not make time for it, you will never have it. In the end, when you look back on your life, you are more likely going to remember the funny thing that happened that night you went out to dinner with your friends, rather than the hours you took cleaning your house. Create memories, create good times. That is what we take with us when we go. People remember us for who we are, not for what we had, or if our house was a little dirty that one day. 
Laugh often. It is so important to laugh. I explain this and other stress reducing tips in my article Simple Steps to Reduce Stress, laughing actually causes a number of chemical changes in our bodies, which helps release enzymes and hormones that are helpful for normal functioning of various organs. Laughter also helps with pains in our body by releasing a hormone, endorphin's. So remember to laugh. Besides for the health advantages it has on us, it always plays a key role on our emotions. If we feel happy we will give off a positive vibe and also be able to accomplish so many more things. Enjoying our lives is an option. With any option it is something that we must choose. We can choose to enjoy ourselves or we can choose to be unhappy. You need to chance the way you think. It is something that takes practice. Eventually with time, you will start to think and see things differently. Practice. We really do become what we think. If we continually think bad things will happen, bad things will happen. If we think good things will happen, good things will happen.  I got this picture off of facebook: Why Journal - Self Help Lesson#10-Enjoy Life Remember, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. We must make the most of today! Don't forget to write your memories down! They are sure to help you in the future and create a smile on your face when you need it.

I will leave you with a quote I found:

"Happiness is not a consequence of things that happen. Do not pursue happiness - practice it. Sing, even if you do not sound good. Smile, even when things go wrong. Create happiness, and happy you will be."

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