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Why Journal -Self Help Lesson #4 - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

By Whyjournal

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So today I come home and there is a warning note on my door. I live in a condo and there are 3 separate buildings. Each building has a large area of grass in the back. One area which is mine has one of those games you play, I forget the name, horseshoes or something I do not know, and a couple of benches. One building has a pool behind it and the last one, just grass. Anyway there are like 100 condos I would say and only a handful of children live here. One of those children being my child. When I moved here I did sign some rules saying that there was no playing in the court yards. And yes I admit I did sign it. But I found that there were always children out there playing around. And what is great about it is that I can look out my porch door and see her. Back to the warning. It said that there is no playing in the court yard and that the children were moving some wood onto the lawn.YOU SIGNED RULES. And we have it on camera... Seriously? I was angry at first. And thinking about it still gets me a little upset. I mean what is the use of having all that grass and open land? To look at?  Really, what does it hurt to have children laughing and playing right outside where we can keep an eye on them? If people would stop making up these crazy rules and relax a little then life would be so much more joyful.
I went over to the Manager's wife and asked if my child was still allowed to stand outside at least. She says she thinks that would be fine but they cant play around. I am not going to dwell on it, or let it ruin my night but they should try using those cameras to catch the drug deals going on next door instead of innocent kids trying to play.
Why do we sweat the small stuff? We make little problems into big huge ordeals. We go to the store and they are out of what we want. We get upset or angry and sulk. The kid spills his drink on the floor. We yell like they just robbed a bank or something. The dog got into the trash and it is all over the floor, we get really angry. While these things might get us annoyed a bit, we should not let these little things in life add stress to our day. We do not need it. It is not worth it. So your store is out of what you want. They will get it again. You can go to another store. Your child spilled a drink. More than likely it was an accident. They did not pour the drink on the floor. Yes you have to clean it up, but if you spilled your drink would you want to be screamed at? The dog got into the garbage. It's a dog. It smells food. Put the garbage where they can't get it.
Not sweating the small stuff could go a long way. I bet if you kept a count of how many little things got you upset in a day there would be a lot. Instead take a deep breath and say, hey it could have been worse! If these little problems are the only ones you are encountering then be thankful not angry.
I say let the children be children, let the dogs be dogs and just relax a bit!
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