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Why Journal -Self Help Lesson #3 - Stop Trying to Figure It All Out.

By Whyjournal
All these life lessons, advice and tips will come together if you sit and think about it. Usually in some way they will intertwine with each other.

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Yes we are suppose to figure out the things that happen to us in our lives most of the time. That is the way we learn and grow, but realize that not everything that happens to us will provide us with a reason or an answer. Our lives are like a puzzle. Our life starts off with a clean slate, really all the pieces are still in the box. As we grow up, we start adding piece by piece all the things and events that happen in our lives. Sometimes we will see an answer right away and realize why the circumstance happened. At other times it might take a while, a week, a month or even years later. But I am a big believer that everything does happen for a reason. Everything has its own place in our puzzle.

So if something has happened and you don't understand, do not dwell on it. The answer may come you to you, or it might not. I am guilty of this this. But I have learned to change it. If something happened to me and I did not know why, I would spend my days and sleepless nights trying to figure it out. When I realized that enough was enough and hours of countless worry was not helping me to figure it out, I decided I would just let it go. If I was meant to know why, then I would.

Here is an example: Let say that you are currently working and that you decided it was time to move on to something bigger and better. So you start going on interviews and find a position that you really like. You feel as if you really want to work for this company. The interview went really well and you are very confident that you will get the job. Then you get a call a couple of days later and they tell you that they have hired somebody else. Now you are really disappointed and upset and can't figure out what you did wrong or why you did not get the job. You replay the situation over and over in your mind, you try to figure out what it is that you could have done differently. My advice is let it go. What if you got the position, left your current job and when you got started your boss was the meanest-worst boss on this earth! You hate getting up in the morning and going to this new job and you wish and hoped that you could have your old job back. That would suck wouldn't it? That is why I say do not try to figure it out, might turn out that you are much better off.

Trying to analyze every situation can drive us bonkers. But if we change the way we think we could reduce so much of that stress. 

Here is another quick example: Let's say you are driving to an important event. You are running really late and on top of it you are hitting all the lights, there is massive traffic and it is  making you later. You are probably really stressed now, and feel uneasy. I use to lose my patience in those situations as well, but what I started to realize is that maybe I was suppose to be late. Maybe if I would have left on time, I would have been involved in that accident that was causing the traffic or maybe I would not have run into that person in the lobby of that event that I had not seen in 10 years. What ever it is, remember that more than likely there was a reason. Don't stress over it, be thankful for it. These things are making your life "your life". 

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