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Why Journal -Self Help Lesson #1 - Finding Happiness

By Whyjournal

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So we all have our problems. We all have had our share of bad things happening to us. Me myself have been through some tough times in my life, from a parent dying when I was 16 to divorce, single parenthood, being broke, loving and losing the love of my life... And the list can go on and on. I know that there are times when we all feel that we cannot take it anymore. We feel like life is unfair and wonder why all of these things are happening to us. Believe me, I understand, I have felt that way myself at times. But I will tell you that life does not have to be like that. We can find happiness in everything. Though we will not always feel happy, there are little things that we can do for ourselves that will make things easier. Make it bearable. I have come a long way believe me. When somebody bothered me, or I was upset about something, the thing I wanted to do most was sit in my bed under the covers and cry. Not eat, just lay there and feel sorry for myself. I have come a long way. I feel like I have started this journey to a better life. To be strong and to improve the way I think. Not everyone believes in God so I will try to explain my life lessons so all can understand what ever you may or may not believe in. I feel that I can really help somebody by sharing the lessons I have learned throughout my own personal journey. These little steps can help you to improve the way you feel and make your life a little less stressful. Believe me, it will not happen over night. These lessons are things you must work on and experience for yourself. If you want to feel better you must be willing to put in the effort. Eventually it will be easier and easier to apply these lessons to your every day life. Each day I will post a new lesson, or give some advice or tips on things that you can do to reduce stress and to feel better about yourself. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question! Happy life improving!

Lesson #1
Remember, a change will not occur over night, but if you remember this and really think about it, it will help you to improve faster.

No matter how bad the situation is, no matter what has happened it is already done. It will never be NOT done. There is nothing at all you can do about it! So if you sit and sulk, if you stay in bed and cry about it for days or weeks or months, the fact is what happened has still happened. Being so upset, feeling sorry for yourself or being angry at another person is in no way going to change the fact that the situation has occurred. Of course we have emotions and we will be angry or sad. That is normal, we are human. But the minute you start to realize that it actually takes more energy to be upset then it does to be happy, you will start to heal, move on and have the energy and will to do what you need to do to improve the situation, or to move past it. Do not waste you precious time on moping. It will not at all change the situation. It will only make it worse!

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