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Why Journal -Self Help #7 -Don't Let Others Hold You Back

By Whyjournal

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Today I was going to originally post about the importance of having hope and faith and why believing in yourself helps you to achieve happiness as well as your goals but now I will discuss that topic tomorrow.

Earlier this evening I was on a site in which you can give advice and post your website or any other site which is relevant to the topic that is being discussed. To make a long story short, every answer that I posted got reported to the community. I believe that somebody was going behind me an reporting me for some reason. I was getting a little frustrated to be honest. I was following all the rules and posting my true thoughts and advice.

I then stopped an realized that I cannot let this person upset me. I have to follow my own advice. I made my appeal to the community center and let what happens be.

There are always going to be people in this world who try to bring us down. There are going to be people who just do not like us or agree with us for whatever reason. We might not know why. There might be no justification for it, just like what happened to me today, but it is bound to happen. I will not let others control me or have any negative affect on doing what I love to do.

We cannot let what other people do stop us from being happy or stop us from trying to obtain the goals and the desires that we have in our hearts. People might knock us down, but we must learn to be strong and pick ourselves back up. If nobody else is cheering for you, that is ok. Cheer for yourself. Because you are the one living your life. People do things to us out of jealously or insecurity. And most of us are probably guilty of doing the same thing to someone at some point of our lives. Just remember that when we have obstacles standing in our way, when there are problems and things that hold us back, getting through those things are what make us stronger. It gives us more power and more motivation.

The point of my post today is to never give up on what you believe. Even if the odds are against you. Even if there are people who are trying to bring you down. Do what makes you happy! Fight for what you believe in. It is so rewarding when we work towards something and achieve it despite the odds.

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