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Why Journal -Self Help #6- Observe Your Surroundings- Changing Routine.

By Whyjournal

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Most of us basically have a daily routine. For example my routine is pretty much the same during the week. I wake up at like 6:30 to the dog crying at my door to go out. I wake up, take out the dog, get my child up for school, take her to school, come home get ready for work, walk the dog again, go to work, pick up daughter from school, come home, cook dinner, do homework or play depending on if homework is done, do my computer stuff, go to bed and repeat the next day. Of course some of the time it changes a little, but that is the regular. 

My point is we are always so busy, always have something to do. There are so many beautiful things right in front of our eyes that we do not even notice. Sometimes it feels as if we do not even have a chance to breath. We are all guilty of routine. Busyness and stress just become a "normal" part of life because that is just the way it always is. But we have to remember that by always moving so fast we are missing so many things.

If you feel as if you have so much on your plate try changing things up a little. Maybe take the dog a different way next time you walk them or take a different route to work. Maybe you will see something different, something you never noticed before. 

Just today I was walking the dog and though I walk her many many times during the day, I always want to rush her because she likes to take me on journeys and sniff everything possible. Today I decided to let her explore a little. Every single day I pass by the same things going on my walks but I never realized how beautiful the plants were around the units in my building. The colors were amazing. Take a look.
Why Journal -Self Help #6- Observe your surroundings- Changing Routine.
It is amazing the things that we see just by setting our mind free. Free of thinking about the day, free of the craziness of routine. Change it up a little. Instead of watching TV or going to the computer, go to the park or the beach and observe things. Even watching how animals behave is amazing. I do not like squirrels generally, they just freak me out, by sometimes I will just watch them. They love to play, they will tease and chase each other around. They have their own way of communicating. It is pretty interesting how animals do things actually. I cant believe I am going to say this but it is kind of cute when they chase each other around and play!

I have also learned that we can learn so much about ourselves and about others by just slowing down a bit.  I am guilty of rushing my child at times. I tell her come on hurry up.... we are going to be late, or I tell her hurry up I have so many things to do, or we fuss at our children about cleaning stuff up, but the times when it is just her and I and we are just relaxing, playing or going some place together in which it is not the "norm", I find myself smiling often because I see such a wonderful funny personality from her. She can be so funny and says the craziest things. Yes they are our children, but sometimes I think we forget that they are people with their own personality, their own likes and dislikes. It should not always be about go, go, go. Take some time and get to know the funny side of your children. Listen to the stories and the goals and the ideas they have. You will learn so much about your child  if you just take the time to slow down and just be.

I think we should all try to change up our routine once in a while. Give our minds time to relax and observe the world around us. There are so many things that we just take advantage of, that we do not even pay attention to but those are the things that we can really enjoy if we would stop and take the time to do so. Your job will be there tomorrow (hopefully in this economy lol), the dishes will still be in the sink, the bed might go unmade, but that's ok. What is the point of living if you cant enjoy life?

I will soon be writing about the importance of "self time". Taking just a little time out of your day to be by yourself is very important. It gives us a chance to renew ourselves. I will be giving tips on alone time and why it is so important to take that time for ourselves.

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