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Why I'm in Love with The Militant Baker

By Momishblog @momishblog
Why I'm in Love with The Militant Baker
As many of my readers know, 39 has proven to be the year I started with "the episode"  and am now working to build on the confidence I have and start to love me as me.  It matter so much to me first because I recognize the need to love myself but also because setting an example for The Sonish is one of my top priorities in life.  This new found passion has me diving head first into blogs, articles, magazines, better skin care, healthier eating habits, etc.  Well thanks to my dear friend, Kelly, I've discovered The Militant Baker, written by this awesome chick named Jes.  She is freakin' fabulous (by she I mean Kelly first then Jes of course)
Quick disclaimer: if you don't like in your face, FU sort of talk this might not be for you.  My advice, skip to my next blog post.  If you can stomach a bad ass chick who tells it like it is (likely you can since you read this blog), click away!  This girl totally rocks!  She's bold, beautiful, and a total bad ass.  The raw and sincere perspective just hits home with me.  Just imagine how much better we would be as stepmoms if we learned to completely accept ourselves and who we are, where we are in life, right now.  Mind blowing!
So check out Jes and her bad ass blog.  You wont be sorry.

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