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Why I Do Not Do Hostels

By Raquelritz @RaquelRitz
Well, yeah, I guess you will think I am posh. How lightly can you say: "I do not do hostels"? Do not get me wrong, it is not that I do not like them, it is simply that I do not need to. Whoa, that sounds even worse!
When I first started travelling, I always went to cheap hotels, more like motels in the outskirts of the cities than 4 star ones. Spain is not a country of hostels. Or it was not before. We had this bad idea about them. Then you start going to foreign countries and you start getting accustomed. How do you get back to the idea of sharing a room with strangers once you have been traveling on hotels?
Why I do not do hostels
Then I started working in the travel industry. I won't lie to you, sometimes I get hotel nights for free (from time to time). Or almost. Most of the hotels give great discounts for travel agents, a few of them really juicy discounts. So why not spending a couple quid more in a nice hotel instead of a crowded hostel room?
I know, I must be missing lots of good things, but you get really used to it. So when I read all this stories about hostels and I think: wow, we live in a different world!
So I guess this makes me different to the rest of travel bloggers. But don't get fooled, all will do hotels if they could Why I do not do hostels!

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