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What to Do When You Hate Her Boyfriend

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon


We all have that friend. The one that has beyond heinous taste in men.

The one that lives off the drama – and tends to fall for her loser-ish man a little more after each douche-y thing he does.

It’s not that she likes being treated like yesterday’s rubbish, she just doesn’t have the confidence to even begin to believe that she can do better. Her douche bag other half is like a warm and fuzzy security blanket for her – and one that she just can’t leave alone.

She’s always defending him, because the thought of being without him is far scarier than the constant fighting, adhoc infidelity and constant friend-slamming he’s responsible for. She pretends to take your advice and then does the total opposite. It’s a pickle of a place to be in if you have a friend like Heidi Montag. Let me tell you.

What does she see in him? That much you’ll never know.

In most cases (excluding that of Heidi and Spencer, that’s for damn sure) the fella involved is actually kind of easy on the eye – and it’s for that reason that the girl becomes super protective of him, as she fights to keep him from the clutches of the waves of women that are sitting idly by, waiting to pounce as soon of the two of them board the train to Splitsville.


Sometimes a little bit of tough love is imperative at a time like this.

You can’t always constantly be the shoulder in these situations, dish out as much advice as you can muster week after week, month after month and then constantly have to deal with the impending and oh so certain drama that’s sure to follow the pair of them wherever they go. The fact of the matter is, they think that the strange, conflict-driven, drama-heavy relationship they have is normal – and as you know, it most certainly is not.

The upsetting part is that as a close friend, you can see how beautiful your friend is and how she deserves something unmeasurably better – and you hope that one day she’ll realize how much she deserves it, too. The fear is that she won’t, and that she’ll make some heinous mistake that links her to this loser for life.

It’s important to know that even though your friend’s behavior is turning you off more than the image of your mom and dad doing it, that she knows that you’re still always within reach and that she deserves much, much better than what she currently has.

The fact is, the only thing scarier than not ending up with him will be ending up with him – and if you as a friend continue to push for what’s best for her, we hope that you’ll end up as far away from how the threesome pictured above has ended up. *Shudder*

Head up  honey, she’ll get it sooner or later. Pinky swear.





What do you think you should do in this situation?

Have you ever had a friend with a partner you didn’t like?

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