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Why Google Makes the Perfect ISP

Posted on the 24 August 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Google has become one of the most recognized and reliable search engines perfect ispever since. Most internet users depend on Google considering the reputation that it has set in the online world. In fact there’s an expression that says “Google it” that several people used to say when talking about knowing about a particular thing, person or place. Its popularity is of a high level until now.

While Google makes a perfect search engine tool, can it also be a perfect internet service provider? There have been rumors regarding making Google an ISP for years now. Recently an update was posted about testing Google as an ISP in Kansas and Missouri particularly in Kansas City. Some residents were excited, while others grumbling about it.

What Makes Google a Great ISP?

There are quite several factors that make Google a perfect internet service provider. One is its super effective fiber network, which doesn’t really care about the protocol that you are using. Google’s fiber network has adequate bandwidth capacity to support anything. Another thing is the development of more Google services. Having Google as an ISP can get users a no cost access to 1 terabyte of cloud storage. Google Drive has expanded its storage capacity allowing this benefit available to Google fiber Internet users.

More Value Guaranteed

Local internet service providers most likely cannot provide 1GBps regular Internet access. But if ever there is one or a few that can actually supply such connection, the price would probably be high. In the case of Google fiber users, 1Gbps internet connection cost the lowest compared to others. It will only cost $70 a month to enjoy Internet that is 70 times faster compared to those offered by Comcast and other competitors.

Users who don’t require a High Speed Internet access may enjoy Google’s free 5Mbps connection. Yes, it’s absolutely free! They just have to deal with a one-time payment that is around $300 to get the fiber running into their place. Free account holders need to pay for the installation fee to enjoy the service. However, this payment will be waived if they enter into a contract.

Google’s Main Point

Google has planned to transform itself into a perfect ISP in order to feed in more data. The more people get connected online, the higher opportunities there are for Google to show its services and ads. That’s when it can double up its profits.

One competitive advantage that boosts Google’s confidence of becoming the best ISP is its Data Liberation Front, which allow users to take out or delete their data from the Google drive. It’s a “takeout function” that lets users export all their stored information and totally erase their account.

Google will protect its users in a lot of ways. One is to deny some of the requests made by third parties. Most local ISPs usually just grant requests made by the government in terms of getting your user details and online activities. They cannot offer as much protection as what Google can give.

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