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Why Everyone in PR Needs to Recognise They Are in the Freemium Business

Posted on the 23 May 2012 by Iangreen @GREENComms

Why everyone in PR needs to recognise they are in the Freemium business

It is evident we are living through a revolution in technology but how many of us recognize that we are going through a revolution in business models – how your businesses and organizations generate income – and that everyone in PR is in the Freemium business.
The fact you are reading this blog post brought to you by digital technology is clear proof of the changes in how we deliver communications; in an instant, through an easily accessible channel to share your content, which can go viral.
What we need to wake up to is how these technological channels have altered the shape of the underlying business models and it could provide fantastic opportunities for public relations and brand communications specialists.
I like the way Kurt Vonnegut describes business as ‘two people are giving each other money and you need to be in the middle of them.”
Now, we have to realize that’s where we are…

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