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Why Do We Feel Sleepy After a Heavy Meal?

Posted on the 15 October 2018 by Health_news
Why do we feel sleepy after a heavy meal?

It's always hard to get to rid of that post-meal drowsiness. Laziness creeps in and you are forced to stay awake whereas what your body actually wants is to go get that nap. It's not just you who's going through this; this is the case with almost everyone who consumes a carb-rich diet. Yes, foods rich in carbohydrates and fats cause sleepiness than the ones with protein.

What exactly happens?
  • Once you are done having a heavy meal, your body starts working towards digesting the food. All the organs are focused more on breaking down the food and converting it into energy than letting you concentrate on that business meeting you are scheduled to or the presentation you are about to submit.
  • The blood rush is more towards digestion which makes the pineal gland of the brain to release the sleep hormone (Melatonin).
  • Melatonin works like an internal clock and tells your body when exactly it needs to rest. Studies reveal that this is the hormone responsible for a woman's menstrual cycle.
Why is the drowsiness more evident in the afternoon?

Melatonin is induced after every heavy meal and not just restricted to afternoons. It happens at night as well. But, since you naturally get to bed at nights, the drowsiness is not very evident. Here again, it isn't healthy to consume a fat-rich dinner as the metabolism slows down, food that gets converted to energy is reduced, and causes inappropriate weight gain and heart problems.

How to get over the post-meal slump?

- Proper dietary habits and balanced meals will ensure you are active enough to continue with regular work. Moreover, break down your meals into several small snack breaks and you wouldn't end up feeling full.

-Consume foods low in carbohydrates and fats. Take more of fresh fruits and vegetables which serve both the purpose of keeping you healthy as well as making you feel light.

-Ensure your sleeping patterns are right. Bad sleeping habits and keeping awake late in the nights might also add to the post-meal drowsiness. Not only does this disturbs your body's physiology but also causes digestive problems.

-A sedentary lifestyle should be gotten rid of as soon as possible. Being physically active and engaging in healthy routines will help you get over this.

-Similarly, stress can also lead to overeating, ultimately making you feel low and drowsy during the day. Practice yoga, and meditation to have a peaceful state of mind.

In case, the post-meal sleepiness is more evident and interrupting your daily work, then it is advisable that you consult a doctor. Sometimes, lack of nutrition and anemic conditions could be the reason as well.

Why do we feel sleepy after a heavy meal?
Why do we feel sleepy after a heavy meal?

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