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Why Do I Have Straight Hair?

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Because it means that I mean business and I want to be taken seriously. BAM!


I think the blur in this picture is pretty great. I don’t really know why.

Yesterday I ate a blt + A with my coworkers for lunch.


I ordered it with no mayo and on whole grain bread.

I love all things bacon and I definitely ate half my sandwich, took the other half back to the office, hid under my desk, and ate all the bacon off the other half before throwing it away.


Bacon is like crack to me!

photo (1)

I’m sort of in love with this chili I tried last night. I bought it at Nob Hill, which is like a Raley’s.

I’m not going to lie, Quinoa is definitely no all rough and cowboy, which is exactly what I think chili is all about. But I will make an exception since I’m a city girl and like foofey grains.

photo (3)
photo (2)

I think I’m single handedly funding the coffee and wine trades lately. The people at starbucks are starting to recognize me… scary.

And when I went to buy this wine I felt really self conscious only buying wine… again… so I also bought a bunch of kale and an acorn squash. Yep, that’s not suspicious or weird.

I bought this really classy (aka $5 dollar) bottle of Syrah last night because the name perfectly describes me.

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