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Why Do I Have Rats In My House?

Posted on the 23 December 2015 by Amelia White
Why Do I Have Rats In My House?“Why did the rats pick up my abode?” This is a very common question that arises in the minds of people when they find their property to be infested with rats. 
People usually have the idea that these pests are typically attracted to poor sanitation & garbage. However, having them does not necessarily mean that the property is untidy and dirty. 
Any place where there is going to be water, food and shelter, there can be a high possibility of rodents infestation. This means bird feeder spills, pet food and  pet waste can attract these pests in a property as well. The insulation in the attic is also a much preferred place for rats because it provides the much needed warmth that needed for their comfortable stay. Moreover, cats also do not go to attics or inside walls. A home basically has everything that's needed to make a rat's stay pleasurable. Lush or heavy foliage, beautiful landscape or any other type of clutter can also provide shelter to these pests. 
Once attracted to the exterior, rats can easily access the interior of a home through small holes squeezing their bodies. The property might not even have to be dirty for their access. In fact, the house becomes more dirty and shabby after their arrival.  
Rats usually enter houses for seeking protection. They generally look for a safe and secure shelter when they're ready to nest & have babies. However, they can have babies all through the year. 
These pests are generally seen less in homes than mice but they come in more often than people wish they did. They climb trees, siding, wires, stucco, brick or vines for accessing a home. They also jump to the rooftops from overhanging limbs nearby. If a hole is as big as a quarter, they even fit through. Holes which allow pipes or wires to a home are also great entrance points for rats as they are big enough. However, if these holes aren't that big, the creature gnaws them big to fit in. Fireplaces, loose siding & vents are basically their access points. 
If you've found rats infesting your house in Melbourne, take immediate steps to get rid of them. Get in touch with an expert who offers effective rodent control in Melbourne Controlling their infestation is very important because they are dirty, smelly, noisy and destructive. They can also multiply quickly and cause sever damage to your property. Their infestation can even make you fall sick because they are popular in spreading diseases. 

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